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Unicorn Chunky Glitter and many more Boxsets

They’ve Finally Arrived!


Inside the Boxset

The Perfect Party Sets

Be the first to sell this new and exciting Boxset. With a RRP of €14.99 huge returns on investment. After the sucess of our Halloween Boxsets these Chistmas Glitter Boxsets are right on trend and the perfect stocking filler.

Inside the Kit includes 4x Glitter pots, Fix gel, brush, sponge and mixing pot

Coming in 5 Variations with a special ‘Classic Glitter’ thats geared totally towards Christmas they contain our best-selling Glitter Shakers in one beautifully packaged box.

Our awesome sets include 4 Glitter Pots plus our world-famous Glitter Fix Gel. And if that wasn’t enough, each box also contains a Pro-Brush and Pro-Sponge. Literally everything you need in one fantastic gift-set.